How we work?

We provide smart online manufacturing tools for SMEs. Using real-time data and
team collaboration tools, we help reduce downtime (30% in the first three months)
and save time and money.

Production planner

An easy and comprehensive tool to plan your production orders on workplaces.
From any smart device you can create, change and monitor your production
plan which your machine operators must follow.
Get one step closer to paperless 


Manage daily tasks of your maintenance team and never again rely on memories or paper do to
maintenance on your machines. Scheduling and work time from machine monitoring
gives you the right time do to maintenance.

Smart factory

Move your performance and shopfloor data between different systems. ERP integrations are most common.
Microsoft AX, Microsoft NAV, Monitor, Directo, Eziil, SAP, etc. are supported for granted!
Anything else just ask.
This can be a true paperless factory!