It goes without saying that using data to make decisions is one of the most obvious ways to profit from tools like GlobalReader.
Real-time data collection speeds up decision-making, but how do you use factory tracking tools for more than just data collection?

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1. Turn on notifications

Set up rules to send out/receive notifications when machines are not operated as they should. Downtime length is the most common basis for sending out notifications. 

Note: Less is more! If too many notifications are sent out these will be ignored eventually. Find an optimal downtime length when someone should react. Example: If the machine stopped working, notification should not go out after 10 seconds but rather 15 minutes, if the machine is still down. The advantages of using notifications are that they alert the team of an incident and allow them to respond quickly. Typically, a technician or team manager should respond to the problem and assist in making a decision.

2. Get detailed info about machine downtime reasons

Attach a tablet on the machine and ask the operators to register downtimes as they occur. You can specify, how long the machine should be down before GlobalReader requests an interruption reason from the operator. Also, set a goal to have machine availability at 80%.

Note: In the beginning, fewer interruption reasons are better. So that the operator is not immediately confused about what to insert. Never add/use the reason “other” (You will get only reasons named “other”). Always talk and communicate with the machine operators – how and why to reduce the most common interruptions. If you do not work as a team, there won’t be accurate feedback and improved results.

3. Set up Smart Live View

Increase transparency in the factory with Smart TV together with GlobalReader Smart Live View app. If information is available/visible to everyone – people will start to talk, which leads to employees wanting to do better. Everybody wants to have a “clean” shift.

Note: Use GlobalReader TV app as an internal information tool. Display company internal websites to congratulate employees on their birthdays or let everyone know who is visiting the factory or show company inside data on the big screen. Sharing information will also increase team feeling and that results in working more efficiently. 

Check detailed post about GlobalReader 3.0: Smart Live View here

4. Use collected machine data as a bonus fee system

Set a goal for the team – more product, less downtime, OEE growth, less scrap, etc. Based on the collected data (GlobalReader sensors, operator inserts) develop a bonus payment system. Use GlobalReader Analytics reports to carry it out. Along with Smart Live View, display necessary reports to give everyone access to the same info to work with. 

Note: If your factory needs a special calculation for the bonus fee, contact our team and we make it happen.

5. Reduce Excels and physical papers

Remove paper reports from the shop floor by using GlobalReader Shopfloor feedback. Analyse your data directly in Analytics. Look into tools like Maintenance and Planner to have less Excels that go around in the factory. Reduce the amount of data being transferred from one excel to the other by human labor. One tool, one eco-system to everything..

Note: All GlobalReader features use data from the machines to provide insights on what to improve.

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