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How it works?

Every production can do more with data

Data Collection is

No hassle with data collection - we provide the essentials

  • Data collecting hardware

  • Data import through integration

All we need is Wifi and Power!

All information in

Never again worry about data integrity, storage and acces to data

  • Data secured and backed up

  • Access from anywhere and any device

​IoT and Cloud is the way to go!

Value from

We transform huge amount of data to information 

  • Standard and custom reports

  • Real time monitoring and alerting

​Decide through objective analytics! 

Why GlobalReader?

We will provide you with all the hardware needed, so there is not risk of losing investment. Only requirements for you to have are WiFi connection and power supply. 

You do not have to stop production lines for a long time to start monitoring. Deployment can be as fast as 30 minutes. You can do deployment yourself or we can help you! 

An ability to get data from any source and to provide data to any consumer makes GlobalReader a flexible solution for any client-specific requirements. 

It has never been so affordable to use large enterprise solution in a Small and Medium Enterprise. You will get exellent functionality to improve your production! 

We can measure pieces, temperature, voltage, humidity and a lot more. If you have an idea what to measure let us know, we may already be working on it!

We are there for you. We are monitoring our devices and we will let you know if there is a need for your intervention. So you could get the maximum out of your production.

If you cannot get all the info from our standard reports, then a custom report is an option. However we learn from you so we will update the list of standard reports.

Feedback from and to production floor through our solution will give machine operators the extra push to aim higher goals. 


GlobalReader covers our current needs and in the future it will able to integrate with your automated data collection systems

Wendre AS
IT Manager

The real-time monitoring of machines will help increase the productivity of critical equipment and reduces downtime.

Bellus Furniture OÜ

That's the solution that we have been looking for. It's fast, simple and the team is supportive.

Balbiino AS
Production manager

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GlobalReader - easiest and most cost-effective solution for manufacturing performance analysis

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