How can digitalisation support our industrial enterprises?

Triin Ploompuu, Member of the Board at the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry:
“We can’t see it ourselves, but digitalisation in Estonian industry is actually fast!“

Engineering industry is considered to be the most important health indicator of a country,
since this is the sector that produces articles for all other sectors.
We asked Triin Ploompuu, a Member of the Board at the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry,
about the state of affairs in the Estonian engineering industry following the coronavirus-induced emergency situation,
as well as the dangers and opportunities regarding exiting the crisis.

How to maximise the efficiency of a manufacturing company during a crisis?

Here you can read the article (magazine “Tööstus & Tootmine”), where Indrek Jaal shared his thoughts and suggestions on how
to handle in difficult periods and increase the efficiency of your production!


A real-time monitoring solution is a very good complementation to the classic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which is already used by numerous manufacturing companies in Estonia. While ERP is mostly designed for integration of fields of activity such as sales, marketing and finances which involve the company’s office, the aim of real-time monitoring solutions is to increase the efficiency of manufacturing. Real-time monitoring provides an instant overview of how the production machinery is operating at any given point in time.

Our remote work ABC 4.0 recommendation for factories 

Working remotely is something that most of us are going to experience over the next couple of weeks or even months.
However, working remotely for more than one or two days is a new practice for most people and organizations.

We know these are troubling times. Overseeing the factory from a distance is more needed at this point than ever.
Canceled meetings and group discussions are bad for the business and to the customers.
Teamwork is disrupted and deadlines are overdue!