Latvian Timber International has been our  loyal customer since 2017. We talked to LTI’s director Valdis Noriņš about their user experience and thoughts regarding our products and services.



What prompted the need to increase your production efficiency? What were the challenges your company was dealing with before you started using GlobalReader’s products and services?
There were no specific challenges in particular before we started collaborating with GlobalReader. We just realised that with GlobalReader we would gain so many new possibilities by monitoring our production line better.  


How did you first hear about GlobalReader? What made you choose them?
Well, it was a pretty classic case. One of your people approached us and introduced all the possibilities that GlobalReader offers. We were especially intrigued by the outlook of increasing productivity by reducing any kind of standstills in the production line. That’s what fascinated us the most. It seemed like something totally different. Something extraordinary in this otherwise boring life 😊


Which GlobalReader services are you currently using?
We monitor machinery usage in real time. We have a special screen in the office where we have a detailed overview of each particular machine running at that exact moment.

How difficult was the implementation process? What were the main obstacles, or alternatively, was there something that was in fact easier than anticipated?

It didn’t even occur to me that the implementation process might be difficult. Again, we had someone from GlobalReader come over and install all the necessary devices. All we had to do was to learn how to use them on a day-to-day basis and that was it. We have not had any major problems during the nearly three-year period we have been using GlobalReader’s services.

What are the key benefits of GlobalReader for your company? Which issues has GlobalReader helped you solve?

As I said earlier, we didn’t have any major complications or challenges in the first place, but thanks to GlobalReader we have enhanced our monitoring processes of all of our production lines and have been able to make better decisions regarding production and efficiency. This alone is a major upgrade in our business.

To whom would you recommend GlobalReader? Why?

It’s hard to point anyone out specifically, but all in all it’s a perfect tool for any manufacturing company that needs to measure their production and planning. We have had people from other companies visit our office and become extremely fascinated by the big screen in our office with such detailed information and such a great overview of our production line right there, available 24/7. Then I have told them all there is to know about the services GlobalReader offers. I believe that this kind of personal experience is the best marketing strategy there is.


Thank You Valdis