#4 How to maximise transparency between factory managers and operators

The fourth chapter teaches how to increase the overall efficiency of production through transparency. Also how to bring clarity to situations like, when factory operators and managers have opposing viewpoints. Example: The operator says that the machine is running all the time, while the manager says that the production line is not producing enough output or the output planned. Maximum transparency between operators and managers should be achieved because if there are many factories in various places, it’s important to have a good understanding of both sides (without logging in), motivate employees (visual aspect, operator competition) and so that all workstations have a clear picture of the machine’s operation (reduce inactive machine time).

Step 1: Get an overview of

> Not active vs active machine usage 

> Production plan vs reality

Step 2: Analyse

> How is the scheduled machine work time used?

    • Interruptions  
      • What are the most occurred stop reasons
      • What kind of interruptions last the longest
      • Defined interruptions vs not defined interruptions
    • Active minutes
      • Is the machine as active as planned
      • Is the machine working more or is more on a standby

> Whether the goal of the day is at the same distance as the plan?

    • Whether the quantity of product that is planned is made by a certain time

Step 3: How to maximise transparency between factory operators and managers

> Spread machine usage information across factory

> Collaborate with operators

    • Together with operators, find solutions to cut down on the interruptions 
      • Setting up workstation takes longer than planned → train employees
      • There are lot of short interruptions → maybe machine speed is too fast
      • Machine breaks down unexpectedly → start using Maintenance feature
      • Machine is cleaned before and after the shift → make a rule whoever ends their shift leaves workstation clean so that new person can start job instantly
      • etc. 

> Set up visible real-time overview of the production process

    • Smart Live View (click to find out more) → Ensures that everyone is aware of the goals and is able to see the process

> Motivate employees

    • Use TV screens together with Smart Live View to uplift team spirit 
      • Showcase birthdays, employee of the month, etc.
      • Promote ‘in-it-together’ mentality
      • Showcase weekly/daily operator score → create bonus fee system

> Make yourself available

    • Manage by walking around
      • Go to team members to discuss what is good and what can be done better → Use GlobalReader Analytics feature (real data) and tablet to base the discussion 

> Ask employees what information they need, then get it for them/give access

    • Analytics feature
      • Enables to favourite reports to yourself only and for the whole organisation → How to do it

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