The Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry recognised the best on its 85th-anniversary ceremony with a virtual industrial conference.

The jubilee conference focused on industry trends and best practices in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, and Switzerland. Important topics for industrial competitiveness, such as innovation, export capacity, and the growth of the sector, were covered. Also, the brightest representatives of the machine and metal industry were recognised.

Most Active Member of the Supervisory Board

The award for the Most Active Member of the Supervisory Board went to Kristo Karjust, director of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at TalTech. Under his leadership, there has been a substantial increase in the level of collaboration between businesses and universities. Kristo has actively and for a long time contributed to the activities and development of the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry.

Friend of the year

The Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA was chosen as the Friend of the year 2020. With whom international projects are initiated and implemented. Thanks to Darius Lasionis and other Lithuanian colleagues, Estonians are much more informed and involved in issues concerning the machine and metal industry, exchanging experiences and communicating daily.

The Most Active Member of the year – GlobalReader

Their solution collects real-time data around production to increase collaboration and efficiency. The company is a start-up that innovates the manufacturing business. GlobalReader constantly actively publishes articles and organises international events, which also contributes to the awareness of the Estonian industry. The synergy and activity of Indrek Jaal, Paul Liivoja, and the whole team stand out.

Act of the year

The Act of the year 2020 is SAUNUM. What a great example of product development, design, and the launch. It is a highly innovative sauna solution. Also, their growth phase business model for a technology company is leading-edge. SAUNUM leader Andrus Vare and all participants are a great example for everyone because of their activities, enthusiasm, and momentum.

On the occasion, five people, whose contribution to the development of the industry field is extremely large, will receive an aura grant from the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry. Those who received recognition are Fjodor Berman (BLRT), Ain Vilkis (Fleibel), and Raigo Tammo (ESTANC, Tammer). From the academic field – Mihkel Naams, who has been a lecturer in the field of technology at various Estonian universities for 65 years, and Marek Pakkin, who has both practical and academic experience and a long-term contribution to EML. 

Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry thanks all the members for the great contribution to the development of the field!

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