Jason G Clark joined our team since the beginning of the year,
here’s a little chat with Jason about why he came and what he’s going to do!




Jason what is your background? What were your last jobs responsibilities?

I graduated from the University of Warwick in 1996 with Honours degree in Manufacturing System Engineering. I worked in the Automotive Industry
in the UK until 2002 going from Team Leader position to Manufacturing Manager. In 2002 I came to Estonia to be Factory Manager in metal component
manufacturing. Have vast experience in manufacturing environments with a deep understanding of Lean Manufacturing.

2011 I was a co-owner of company CUTform OU until 2018 when sold, continued as CEO for new owners.

2019 Stepped down from the role of CEO and 2020 joined GlobalReader!


What were the main reasons that you decided to join GlobalReader team?

GlobalReader is for me the future in paperless organised control of factories.
In today’s environment, challenges with skills and performance levels / efficiencies are a must to stay competitive.
GlobalReader tools can support all levels of the organization with data and waste reporting to control the process being measured effectively.
The team are very motivated set of individuals as well with good vision and focus.

What are your main responsibilities in GlobalReader? 

Main role is to ensure the team, especially OEE team (Overall Efficiency Engineer) and aftercare understand the needs of the client,
along with hopefully giving assistance with advice how to grow the business to the targets set.

What you think, what are the key benefits for using GlobalReader?

GlobalReader gives real time data. When used well inside the organisation then the waste analysis and removal requirements are
clear and transparent. Manual methods of collecting and analysing are costly and time consuming, often confusing the real issues.

All data is import / export proven and can integrate with many platforms.

Very clear and easy setup and user interfaces in the tools offered.

To whom would you recommend GlobalReader? Why?

All Manufacturing facilities that needs to understand the product cost my measuring real results. To remain competitive by removing
all unnecessary cost that customer does not pay for.

Maintenance Service Providers – To Manage their machines they maintain and effectively control the resources they have.
Machine / Equipment Providers – To plan maintenance, planned and non planned efficiently. To also view machine data from controllers
to support clients needs if machine has higher level technical issues.

To any other client who needs to measure some parameters of a process that need controlling and is critical to ensuring the future of the goal of the business.

Thank you Jason and good luck!


If you have any question to Jason or you need improve for efficiency, please contact info@globalreader.eu
We can offer you free personalised 1 hour online consultation with our Overall Efficiency Engineer. The consultation includes:

  • An analysis of your current situation
  • Examples of how GlobalReader can improve your production efficiency

It’s easy to get lost among all the systems and technicalities. Our goal is to work with you on a strategy for
the future and show how the latest technology can change your business processes.