Podcast content, what is it about exactly?

Simply saying – factory digitalization. What have other manufacturers done to improve their workflows, also why they have taken upon the digitalization journey. We want to show that digitalization is not something to be afraid of. Furthermore, it does not have to be expensive or take a long time to get the results. Our vision with the podcast is mainly to give listeners the knowledge that it is easy and results are indeed instant. 

Who is the target audience?

Our host and guests have a long time of experience with managing production. Due to that, the podcast will give enormous value to everyone who is involved with such a position – Factory managers, Production managers, Innovation managers, Continuous improvement managers, Lean managers. In fact, everyone who wants to create efficient workflows and be part of the future factory movement.

Why is it important to share this knowledge and information?

The host Indrek Jaal has a great deal of experience with production. Over the years he has been noticing that factories do not communicate with each other. Consequently, it raises a question, why. Digital transformation is talked about a lot, but very few talk about how it went, what was the process, will it change company culture, is it worth it, etc. It is time for a change, information should be available to everyone. Bettering your business should not be so complicated, moreover valuable information should not be hidden.

What benefit will the podcast provide to the audience?

Listeners will gain the insight of others. What are the stumble stones and where the benefits come from, specifically to each industry and factory.

Who is our host Indrek Jaal, his background, and experience.

Indrek has 10 years of experience as an IT manager. His work varied from production feedback to financial statements. The company had approximately 500 employees and the fields of activity were beside manufacturing also hotels and real estate. As a part of the management team, one of his key responsibilities was how to implement things in the company and how to benefit from any software that was taken into use.

Past 7 years Indrek has been leading GlobalReader with a firm vision – to change manufacturing culture. He has brought 10 years of experience with him and moreover the intention of sharing it. GlobalReader can provide a standard solution for any manufacturer because, in fact, so many production problems are the same.

Why Indrek thinks digitalization is important? 

Global competition – The world has become small, you need to be able to compete with many other manufacturers. For those who do not take advantage of digital tools, it is very difficult to stay competitive.

Work-life balance – Digital tools also make it possible to control production remotely. New working methods in some workstations can only be achieved through digitalization.

Make working in manufacturing sexy – Working in production is not trendy for young people. To change this, we must definitely take part in digitization. One could perhaps give up night shifts or other such “unpleasant”. For example, the use of a smartwatch could be brought into production, you can view, monitor, and receive notifications through it. Must take this mindset to make working in a factory exciting for young people. What worked for past generations simply does not work anymore for future generations.

Data-driven decision making – Using facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions is wise. Right now in manufacturing, there are a lot of data silos. It means a lot of unused data. All data should be in one place, accessible and visible. Using data will not only give better business decisions but also a detailed knowledge of what are the key places to make a company better. Is the problem in the machine, the operator, the culture? – Data provides the answer.