If you have to choose a weapon to fight with the virus – we recommend distance.
Sound like crazy men talk, but this is true – you can fit your factory easily into your pocket!

All you need is our app and you can have easily your factory overview – just take your smartphone
and open GlobalReader app.

For example, you can see your production real-time overview every time you need it, from everywhere you are.
You will get instant notifications when downtimes on machines occur, so you can solve problems on the
machine faster to gain availability.
What’s more important, you can do it – from the distance!
We all know whats OEE stands for. Even today if you are in quarantine at home or you cant be at your workplace some
other strange reasons (again you have to be a substitute teacher for your kids at home) you have the opportunity to
analyze what are the manufacturing efficiency losses and make improvement plans for future!
Yes, again you can do it – from the distance!

Just download our tool and you see all the benefits whats comes among it!

If you like it and you are willing to choose our recommended weapon, here is one helping hand for you also.

Book a free personalized 1-hour online consultation with our Overall Efficiency Engineer so we
can help you onboard faster, this means that we make quick walkthrough on how to
use our app, we analyse your current situation and give some hints how we
can improve your production efficiency – from distance!

Book a free consultation or if you have any questions just write
to us info@globalreader.eu or PM directly in social media.



Stay safe and work as much you can from distance.