We received feedback from one of our good clients on how simple machine tracking
helped him catch mistakes that line workers were making with a simple tweak!

With the kind permission of the client, we will share this funny yet thought-provoking
case with you as well.
Let’s just call the client in this post “X.”

In addition to Notification and Smart Live View, our dear X also uses a feature
through which the start and end of shifts, reasons for interruptions, and other
important events can be noted in order to make work processes more efficient.

On a routine workday, the general manager took a look at the shift statistics and
noticed that a machine was marked being in unplanned downtime for one hour at the
end of one worker’s shift and yet for another hour at the beginning of the next shift.

When the general manager went to ask the line workers why the machine was idle
for an entire hour at the end of the shift, he received the answer that the machine
needed to be cleaned. When he asked another line worker why the machine had
been standing idle for an entire hour at the start of the shift, he received the following

Can you work out what the cause of the stoppage was? 🙂

Share your ideas with us  – have you had similar problems?
Do you know what is happening on your production line?
How efficiently is it operating?

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