Talking about the GlobalReader 3.0 and the updates that come with it. Some might have noticed already in October we released a new version of Smart Live View. But before we get into details about the update side, let’s take a look at what Smart Live View is and why it came to be.


Displaying data and information only to managers is not enough to boost efficiency and change the company culture. Overcoming this barrier is simple. Start with showing to every employee how a machine is working. It results in increased productivity and transparency between different manufacturing departments. So, how to achieve it?

The feedback we received from our users was that they want to display all the information in a more visible way. Reason behind that was to give all parties the same overview of the production. Manufacturing managers and machine operators would have equal overview of the shifts efficiency, employees could compete with each other, managers could ask the hard questions based on real time data and reaction to machine stops/breakdowns would be faster.


In the past in order to display anything on the shop floor our team needed to generate unique links to every production. Also only one static link was available at the same time and to change it, someone needed to contact our Support team. Also quite a challenge was to get the link to show up on the hardware. As you understand, the struggle to go through several not-so-easy steps was valid.

We recognised the battle – an upgrade is needed! Thank you all again for the feedback and input.
Presenting Smart Live View – Give your team a real-time insight into how the production is progressing on the big screen with customisable visual graphs. Located in the Analytics section of GlobalReader. Right now there is an ability to create four different types of graphs:
Dashboard, Main graph, Main graph Time and External. Also an opportunity to choose which machines to display and how many. And selection between dark or light mode.


Our team also thought about what could be the easiest way to to set up the Smart Live View – from the Hardware side. To make it super simple the most obvious answer was Android and an App. Nowadays all newer TVs support Android 9.0.  For older TVs we recommend using Android TV Box (Example: Xiaomi Mi Box) it converts the old to Smart TV. After choosing the hardware, the next steps are easy. When deciding the places where to put it up – we recommend starting with the shop floor, managers and break rooms. Then download GlobalReader Smart LiveView app and display the real time data to your team.


New nifty element in the Smart Live View is the ability to use it as a company internal information sharing tool. The possibility to display any website and info chosen by you. Use it to motivate employees or encourage team feeling. Opportunities for creative ideas are endless.

So the answer is here. Give your factory an upgrade by adding Smart Live View today! Improve productivity and change the culture of manufacturing business

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