GlobalReader is rapidly expanding in Europe, especially in Finland, therefore, there was a clear need for a partner, who could provide excellent support to our Finnish customers.

Why did GlobalReader choose Insecon?

The explanation is quite simple: Insecon executes projects safely, flexibly and efficiently, taking into account all quality aspects and the environment. They are able to execute projects effectively and on time due to their extensive knowledge of industrial automation processes in a variety of industries. Long-term customer relationships at Insecon are proof of the company’s dependability and high level of service.

What is the main focus of the cooperation?

The main aim of our partnership is to provide on site installation of the blackboxes (hardware) to our existing and new Finnish clients. In addition, performing maintenance for the GlobalReader hardware. Or if the customer opts for a DIY installation, Insecon will provide remote assistance if necessary.

What does Insecon do? 

They are experts in industrial electrical, instrumentation and automation (EI&A) lifecycle services. They support customers at any stage of the project, from design to installation, maintenance and optimisation to modernisation and upgrades.

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About GlobalReader 

GlobalReader inspires industry leaders to collect data around their production resources to increase collaboration and efficiency. Machine OEE data is collected with GlobalReader retrofit IoT hardware (DIY installation). Cloud-based software tools bring value through optimisation and digitalisation of the factories – monitoring, planning, maintaining. 

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