Sign-up for Quality Control:

    *The offer is valid for up to 10 BlackBoxes


    Quality Control is an add-on for Operator feature.

    It is the best option if there is any process parameter that you would like to have quality checked. Quality Control can request the operator to double-check the measures, examine the visual quality, submit a comment, or carry out any other action that your factory needs.


    Create Your Quality Control parameters. Example: Measurements are in accordance, the product’s surface complies, product temperature is between 45-55 degrees etc.

    And configure Your control process in Passport:


    Use the Quality Control as a part of production process in Operator:

    Get notifications

    Receive instant notifications (SMS, e-mail) when quality is not entered or there is any problems with the product. Additionally, you can create a personalised Smart LiveView and monitor the quality on a large screen.


    Analyse the outcome, get reports about quality and workflow insights from Analytics:

    Quality Control is always visible on the Main graph:


    Use it as a check list or as a protocol option.


      *The offer is valid for up to 10 BlackBoxes