#3 How to maximise reaction to machine stops

Third chapter teaches how to react as fast as possible. Reduce avoidable machine stops, increase production output and keep up with the production plan.

Step 1:

Get an overview of:
  >  Machines Availability
Go to: Analytics > Report listing > Availability(multi-device)
  >  Interruptions
Go to: Analytics > Report listing > Interruptions Dashboard
      Go to: Analytics > Report listing > Single Interruption

Step 2:

Which machine has the least active time?
  >  How much of active time is lost?
  >  How many % are interruptions?

  >  What is the average interruption duration?
  >  Is there interruptions that could be avoided?

  >  Is there a day in a week where interruptions are more frequent?
  >  Is there an employee whom shift has most small stops?

Step 3:

How to maximise reaction to machine stops:
Set up Notifications:
       >  SMS
       >  E-mail
       >  APP
      Go to: https://bit.ly/GR3NOT79

  >  Focus on the bottleneck machine:
       >  Train employees
            >  How to use the machine, fix small problems faster, etc.
       >  Interruptions
Interruptions must be defined
Over X min interruption must have explanatory note

Step 4:

Increased production output
Staying on the production plan

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