Riding the wave of Industry 4.0: 

Now with new technologies rising, it is an exciting time for the manufacturing industry. The wave of new technologies opens up opportunities for companies to take steps towards greater flexibility, sustainability and productivity. Industry 4.0 is also simplifying new ways for humans and machines to work together, allowing businesses to achieve greater insights, reduce the risk of error and make better decisions.  Ultimately, Industry 4.0 is set to establish across the manufacturing ecosystem. But only by understanding and embracing the technologies leading Industry 4.0, will manufacturers stay on the cutting edge of this new digital era.

What Industry 4.0 means for factories:

  • Interoperability: machines, devices, sensors and people that connect and communicate with each other.
  • Information transparency: the systems create a virtual copy of the physical world through sensor data in order to understand information.
  • Technical assistance: both the ability of the systems to support humans in making decisions and solving problems and the ability to assist humans with tasks that are too difficult or unsafe for humans.
  • Decentralized decision-making: the ability of cyber-physical systems to make simple decisions on their own and become as autonomous as possible.


Real-time factory tracker, how it works:

The client connects its machinery to monitor the overall factory process at the core of its production. This is achieved by installing sensors into the factory’s machines which are then used to collect data: meters, pieces, machine conditions, machine working time and provide insight.

Once collected, advanced data analytics tools process the data in real time, alert workers when any bottlenecks in the production operations have been identified and give real-time feedback about product being manufactured.

Taking this approach helps to analyze what are the manufacturing efficiency losses and make improvement plans for future, predict equipment failures, enabling the factory to schedule maintenance operations well before any failures occur.
As a result, the factory is able to keep its machinery running and operating for longer stretches of time.

Ultimately, a greater insight into the factory’s operations supports better and faster decision-making throughout the entire organization, enabling it to reduce equipment downtime and optimize production processes.




Why GlobalReader:

We inspire industry leaders to collect real-time data around their production resources to increase collaboration and efficiency. The core of GlobalReader’s platform is software & hardware which give real-time information on production capacity, up to 30% of profit with production effectiveness. Leading factories in Europe monitor their production each day using GlobalReader, enabling themselves to gain business advantage and to better plan for their manufacturing. With our dashboard you can see an overview of machine’s effectiveness, worked time, product quantities and average speed. With shopfloor collaboration tool you can collect data about downtime reasons and products being manufactured. Smart factory management will help you solve daily, time-consuming, routine activities and you will get one step closer to paperless manufacturing!

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