On the road to more efficient manufacturing the first step is to get expectation versus reality check for machine downtime. With detailed interruption reasons you will be able to set goals to reduce and plan downtime more efficiently.

Manufacturing downtime analysis 


  • In order to find out when and why the machine is actually stopped, the reasons for the machine downtime must first be entered. Add interruption reasons to the software. – Start with general reasons. Then with time go more specific, for more in-depth analysis. → Interruptions – what and how?
  • Define interruptions using the Shopfloor feedback feature. – Operators define why the machine was not working by selecting the reason from the list available. → How operators can define interruptions?
  • Analyze the collected data using Analytics. – powerful visual reports help you to drill down on the manufacturing downtime reasons. → Analyze Interruptions

GlobalReader monitoring devices enable to register workstations downtime and define the reasons. Furthermore, with a set of real-time notifications, you will be always informed and ready to react accordingly.

Knowledge is power. As you will get to know the reasons behind the availability loss start working to increase the workstations Availability. Consequently, with that improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).