GlobalReader system setup provides first initial wins on the road of increasing overall manufacturing equipment efficiency. Real-time production information is instantly seen after successfully installing the monitoring devices. With that, you are one step closer to eliminating your production bottlenecks reacting to different situations promptly.

Enjoy quick wins with real-time factory tracker

Complete device quick set up

→ Fast and simple 2-step process with pre-defined details.
→ With few clicks you can start to react machine stoppage as soon as it happens! 

QUICK WIN with notifications set up your factory has already gained an advantage that it did not have previously. Notifications keep you informed of any potential problems with the production instantly.

Instant real-time manufacturing information

→ Monitor your manufacturing progress without never leaving the office, home, etc.
→ Overviews are available via web, phone app, and TV views.

QUICK WIN – conveniently accessible real-time data on machine operation and efficiency.

Start to analyze data without adding too much effort

→ First step is to collect and analyze raw manufacturing data.
→ Understand machine down-times.
→ Start to maximize machine active working time.

QUICK WIN access to a powerful set of analytical reports. Get an insight into the production current state simply by visualizing raw production data.

GlobalReader empowers with real-time data and also supports customers with the best practices to maximize the benefits gained from the systemEfficiency Book.