Gathering information all across production plant gives manufacturers greatest insight possible. GlobalReader integrates easily with Monitor ERP. Move factory performance and shopfloor data between different softwares. All the basic required data flows used in production today are supported.

Supported data flow from Monitor ERP to GlobalReader software

    • Production orders – allows to eliminate manual work: creation, execution, feedback and analysis of production orders. Also improves overall data quality.
    • Material info – allows to create a situation where both softwares have the same information about the material.
    • Production order priority.
    • Manufacturing norm quantities, per product or order.
    • Standard interruptions for each product or production order.

Supported data flow from GlobalReader to Monitor ERP software

    • Status of a production order or multiple orders. 
    • Quantity of finished products reported and produced.
    • Material used during manufacturing.
    • Quantity and cause of scrap.
    • Time spent for production.
    • Employee(s) who handled (specific) production order.
    • Workplace set up time.
    • Product or order comments entered during manufacturing.
    • Print product labels through Monitor auto print functionality.
    • Display of remaining raw materials and limits the amount entered according to the material remaining.


This integration allows you to receive feedback directly from production based on both the sensor and the work center operator. This will also automate activities on the ERP side. For example, material write-offs, accounting for production, quantities of scrap, cost calculations, etc.

In summary, required data is entered only once and when it occurs. Furthermore, low-value and double data entry has already been eliminated from the process, which saves valuable working time for factory employees and certainly improves the quality of the data entered and raises company overall efficiency.

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