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GlobalReader partners with Lattelecom offering IoT solutions for Manufacturing in Latvia

“GlobalReader”, fast growing Estonian startup-company in the field of Smart Factory, has collaborated with Lattelecom, the market-leading Latvian telecommunications and IT provider, offering the easiest and most cost effective solution for production line performance monitoring, data collection and data analyzing in Latvia.

According to Cisco “Smart Manufacturing and the Internet of things 2015” survey production companies are saying, 48% of downtime could be reduced by using Digital Manufacturing tools. SME production companies lose tens of thousands of Euros per month to unhandled machine stops. Existing monitoring and reporting solutions require heavy investment in time and money. “GlobalReader” investment free monitoring solution allows manufacturing companies to monitor production effectiveness from any device and anywhere. “GlobalReader” IoT hardware solutions’ value comes from its cloud based hardware and software platform that can help customer to save on average 100 hours of production time in 3 months.

“GlobalReader is a starting company and we are always looking for possibilities to grow. A number of major Estonian companies use our services and we are ready to conquer foreign markets together with trustful partners”, says Indrek Jaal, GlobalReader Founder and CEO. “We are happy to announce our collaboration with the biggest Latvian telecom company – Lattelecom. We are glad to see that we have been noticed and GlobalReader can help production lines to become more efficient also in our neighboring countries. I hope this will be a start of a very successful partnership”.

“IoT solutions open up new possibilities for Smart City concept as well as other sectors, including manufacturing. IoT solutions can enable real-time planning of factory work in line with production volumes, helping to make zero downtime of manufacturing lines a reality.” says Krists Avots, Director of Business development at Lattelecom. “At Lattelecom we’re aim to provide our customers with end-to-end IoT services that will enable them to achieve new levels of operational and business efficiency. Here GlobalReader solutions combined with Lattelecom’s stellar customer service & system integration expertise are a great fit for both enterprise and SME customers in manufacturing area.”

GlobalReader has been trusted by more than 80 companies in Estonia, Latvia and Germany to collect and analyze data. GlobalReader solution is based on monthly subscription fee and it is easy to implement and gain fast results.

Lattelecom has announced its plans to create and launch Latvia’s first Internet of Things network by the June 2017. The first IoT network allows Lattelecom to provide wide range IoT services for business needs. 

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