They already know

You will get


                                                    • hardware for monitoring
                                                    • real-time notification (app, SMS, e-mail)
                                                    • analytics tool
                                                    • smart live views
                                                    • mobile app
                                                    • access to factory dashboard (KPI) from any smart device

Only 89 € per month


NO installation fee
NO hardware fee
NO hidden fees
YOU can cancel your subscription anytime

How does our hardware work?

First, connect our blackbox into the socket, attach a sensor (or sensors) on the production line that you want to measure and finally connect sensor(s) with the blackbox.
After that, you are ready to collect data from your production.


How does our software work?

Data that you have collected from the line(s) are displayed in our factory portal and in the app.


Do we have an APP?

Yes, we do!

Download for Android:

Download for iOS:


Does it need an investment? Do I need to make a long-term contract?

Our solution is investment free.
We offer a monthly based fee and you can cancel your subscription anytime!


Which machines can I attach it on or what machines can you monitor?

We can monitor all machines in your factory.

Most common machines which we monitor are:

Wood, Furniture, Textile: Planer, Saw, Finger joint, Sorting,  Weaving, Tepping, Pocket spring, CNC, Press etc
Plastics: Moulding etc
Metal: CNC, Lathes, Mills, Plasma, Laser cutter, Pressbrakes, Robots, Welding, Punching etc
Food: Packaging, Mixing, Sealing etc
Others: Printing, Manual workplaces etc

If your machine is not on the list, please send a request to


What data can I collect?

Meters, Pieces and Machine work time – anything else just ask


How do my collected data look like in the GlobalReader portal?


Can I export my data?

Yes, you can export your data into PNG, SVG, CSV, XLSX format.
Also, you can customize your data export by choosing different reports and time ranges.


How does the collected data arrive at our portal?

Through WIFI or LTE (GSM)*
*LTE (GSM) is only available in EU countries.



Installation process?

We have a plug and play solution.

If you have mounted the blackbox and sensor(s), then log in to our factory portal and you are ready to go.
You can read more on how to install our hardware and software from here:


If I have ERP or another factory system can I use GlobalReader?

Yes, we can integrate our solution with all systems around the world.
These integrations are most common,


anything else just ask.


Can I see my data everywhere and on any device?

From everywhere in the world and from any device – you just have to log in to our factory portal.

Bring decision-making to real-time

Real-time factory tracker

Our software & hardware solution gives you real-time information on your planer capacity. Get up to 30% of profit with production effectiveness.