Customize your blackbox to get more data from your production


You’ll get instant notifications (SMS, e-mail) when downtimes on machines occur. React faster to problems on machine to gain availability

Shopfloor feedback

Collect data about downtime reasons, machine operator and product being manufactured. Free yourself of paper and excel sheets to reduce mistakes in data collection

Smart Live View

Real-time overview of production equipment status / efficiency and work. Can be viewed anywhere and from any device. Use it on a Smart TV or phone/computer/tab for quick efficiency or plan vs reality check-up

Call for help

Your machine operators can call for assistance without leaving the machine „I need new material “ „Machine needs tech“ etc. Messages between teams in the factory will reduce your downtimes

Production planner

Simple and comprehensive tool to plan your production orders on workplaces. Create, change and monitor your production plan which your machine operators must follow. Get one step closer to paperless manufacturing


Equipment maintenance and management tool. Manage daily task of your maintenance workforce and never again do maintenance on your key machines based on a schedule, use the machines worktime to plan maintenances. Meant for factories to maintain all devices and infrastructure but can be used independently in any industry. On-time maintenance is the key to…

Smart Factory

Move your performance and shopfloor data between different systems. ERP integrations are most common. ERP-s like Microsoft AX, Microsoft NAV, Monitor, Directo, Eziil, SAP etc. are supported but not only. This can be a true paperless factory