GlobalReader’s real-time production monitoring solution gives manufacturers tools to take steps towards the Industry 4.0 goals. Starting measuring your factory workstation’s efficiency with remote deployment and self-installation is simple, fast, and most importantly installation fee-free.

How remote deployment and self-installation works?

GlobalReader delivers monitoring devices to manufacturers’ doorstep and empowers them with knowledge on how to make the installation. Our stand-alone solution is perfect for any production workstation as it is not depending on the factory machine’s technological advancement.


  1. Order via home page Place an order → let us know the machine details and what you want to measure – pieces, work time, or meters.
  2. Wait for delivery → GlobalReader sends you pre-configured monitoring tools shortly after the order has been placed.
  3. Self-installation → Unbox your device and install it in the factory → Monitoring Quick setup with GlobalReader support team standing by to help.
  4. Start collecting real-time data → Discover your production bottlenecks and plan the improvement steps.


GlobalReader remote deployment solution always includes – Black Box, sensor, cables, and access to the interface for analysing data.

Remote deployment and self-installation is an efficient way to set up monitoring without ever leaving the factory. Start monitoring your factory’s Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) today – place an order, wait for delivery, install the devices to create your GlobalReader eco-system. Making data thriven decisions to improve your manufacturing processes is only one step away.

More information about GlobalReader apps and features is available at our Self-Service portal.

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