Working remotely is something that most of us are going to experience over the next couple of weeks or even months.
However, working remotely for more than one or two days is a new practice for most people and organizations.

We know these are troubling times. Overseeing the factory from a distance is more needed at this point than ever.
Canceled meetings and group discussions are bad for the business and to the customers.
Teamwork is disrupted and deadlines are overdue!


Here is our remote work ABC 4.0 recommendation for factories.
Tips and tricks on how you can organize your work so you can take a
maximum of this difficult situation:


# 1 Line control from a distance

If you have lines that need to be controlled from distance let us know, we can help you set up
monitoring and we do not even need to come to your factory. You can Do It Yourself (DIY)!

Look at how it works:
GlobalReader or write

# 2 Don’t cancel meetings – transport them into online

Replace meetings and collaboration sessions (in office) with effective online team, customer or training meetings.
You can use those web-based programs:

Google Meets

# 3 How to get answers to important questions

Don’t only send e-mail and wait to be answered.
You can also use for quick reminders and time-critical questions different messaging platforms:


# 4 Sync, Sync and one more time Sync

Always sync and update your calendar, then your co-workers (and customers) know when you are busy, away
or you are a substitute teacher for your child at home!



Let’s be as efficient as we can be in those circumstances and let’s give the world time to heal!